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Oil & Gas

Southey’s oil & gas footprint stretches beyond the borders of South Africa, with permanent facilities in Walvis Bay (Namibia) and Takoradi (Ghana) – and new operations in Mozambique adding to facilities in Cape Town, Saldanha Bay and Coega. Services the upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas value chain.Our involvement in the industry dates back to the 1980s with the establishment of domestic production at the Mossel Bay (Mossgas) project. The near unlimited availability of gas resources along the African coastline and throughout the continent points to the industry playing a major role in future (global) power generation. Southey’s oil & gas division, with its existing (and rapidly expanding) African footprint, is perfectly placed to help the continent, and the world, gain maximum benefit from these energy sources.

Power Generation

"The demand for reliable power generation and supply is growing exponentially in Africa and across the continent – and is key to economic growth and stability as African countries ramp up efforts to compete on a global stage.

In order to meet such rapidly increasing energy demands, utility companies like Eskom need to not only ensure optimal performance of existing (and often dated) power stations but also rush to complete new projects across a vast spectrum of facilities, including traditional coal (and incoming renewable energy and/or nuclear) powered plants.

Southey Ghana provides multiple services across the industry. Southey Ghana is involved with maintenance, shutdowns and new build projects at various Eskom coal powered facilities and at the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station. In addition, we have undertaken projects at hydro-electric power plants and provide services to numerous wind farms, solar parks and bio-mass plants."


"As a whole, the petrochemical industry offers potentially significant possibilities, with the continent producing 12% of the world’s oil but refining only 3.6% of it. A largely unchanged infrastructure over the last two decades hampers refining capacity and serves as an obstacle to progress, not only for Africa but the continent.

Due to large investment costs required to replace this ageing infrastructure, it is of critical importance that existing and largely overworked plants are expertly maintained in order to provide the necessary performance. We provide contracting and ongoing maintenance at all South African refineries. Southey Contracting’s footprint and ability in this industry is total and undisputed. Our presence includes operations at Sapref, Engen, Mossgas, Chevron, Sasol 1 & 2 and many others."


"Africa as a whole still has significant mineral resources that continue to drive the mining sector across the continent. Challenges relating to labour, operational cost and the political influences of the day are offset by the massive potential windfalls this industry offers. It is one that Southey Contracting knows inside out – having originally established ourselves in 1939 as an industrial painting and insulation company, servicing the African mining industry. We service gold, platinum, coal and other mining operations.

In addition to Africa’s reputation as the traditional powerhouse of mining industry, there are vast undeveloped resources in the rest of the continent. Substantial coal discoveries in Mozambique, gold in the DRC and iron ore in Sierra Leone, to name but a few, have led to mushrooming mining activity. As result, Southey Contracting has set up mining support businesses near to some of the most successful extractive operations in sub-Saharan Africa. These include diamond and uranium mining in Namibia, copper and cobalt mining in Zambia and the DRC, coal mining in Mozambique and gold mining in Ghana."


Africa has more ocean space than land and our ocean will increase should the extended continental shelf claim be successful, which would allow South Africa to explore for minerals hydrocarbons in a wide area around its shores.

Recent unprecedented changes in the location of oil & gas fields around the world have forced industry-related companies to more closely analyse their financial risk and reward. A large network of influence and strategic relationships are a must. offers such influence and relationships. Paired with our vast experience in repair and maintenance of vessels, we are ideally placed to deliver services to oil rigs, drill ships, support vessels and other oil & gas infrastructure in African waters.

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